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Industrial Disease:

Rules, guidance and regulations have been in place for many years in an attempt to reduce the risk of workers developing illnesses such as tinnitus or carpal tunnel syndrome, however employers have often failed to comply with these laws.

Among the most common types of conditions caused by work are:

Occupational deafness and tinnitus

Occupational deafness and tinnitus are often caused by exposure to loud and often frequent noise at work. It can also be caused by a head injury or even carbon monoxide. The most common workers who experience this are factory workers, builders or call centre employees. Even if you have not worked in these kinds of industries, but you feel you may have suffered hearing loss from your workplace call us with the details and we will investigate your claim and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Asbestos related illnesses

Because asbestos related illnesses can take more than 20 years to develop, it is easy to disassociate it with a workplace, especially if you have frequently moved jobs. Dalgarno Solicitors can investigate your claim and can potentially pinpoint the cause and get you the compensation you deserve.

Occupational asthma

Occupatonal asthma can occur when someone is exposed to a lot of dust or perhaps flour in the workplace. This could be on a construction site, it could be as a baker or you could be exposed to wood-dust. If you have worked somewhere similar where you have been frequently around any kind of dust, you could have developed occupational asthma. Symptoms for this could include shortness of breath, difficulty breathing in general and sometimes frequent asthma attacks.

Pneumoconiosis pneumoconiosis

This is an occupational lung disease which, similarly to occupational asthma, is caused by frequent or constant exposure to dust, but can also be caused by asbestos. This can be caused in a variety of environments that you may not think of as hazardous so it is important, once diagnosed by a doctor, to investigate causes.

Vibration white finger and carpal tunnel syndrome

Numbness, pain and even circulatory problems can be stem from activities in the workplace. These kinds of injuries are often caused in roles where machinery is involved such as drills or even sewing machines. Please note that if the company you worked for is no longer trading, been taken over or dissolved that does not necessarily matter as there are sources available to us which enables us to search for their insurers and where necessary, restore the company so that the claim can be pursued.


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